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Any work done is tailored to suit your specific needs.  Our registered manager will meet with the Service Provider and discuss their needs, type of staff to suit their needs, when the placement is to start and for how long. 

Should we be required to place a member of staff urgently, before a meeting takes place a member of our staff on our register who has a proven track record would be placed. Once the Service Provider has confirmed, an induction  would be given when they arrive on the first visit.

We form teams of staff for individual units, creating continuity for residents, clients and service users and also the unit. 

The rights and welfare of those using our services are paramount.  The client "you" have a right to expect that


  • You will have the right to decide exactly what type of service you receive.  You will be consulted in decisions over the provision, extent and timing of any care plan. Your needs will be fully and carefully assessed.
  • You have the right to say whom you will have in your home and whom you will not.  The company "the Agency" cannot insist on your having a Care Worker with whom you are unhappy.
  • You will be given full information about how the Agency's services operate, about the costs involved and about exactly what these costs cover.  The Agency may also be able to offer you information about other services available in your area and about other sources of help such as funding for care.
  • Any information about you will be kept confidential.  If the Agency needs to speak to a third party, such as your doctor or district nurse, they will ask your permission before doing so, except in a dire emergency or crisis.  Any information recorded by the Agency about you will be made available to you on request.
  • You have a right to complain about the service.  The Agency has a proper procedure to deal with complaints and you should receive a copy of this.  Making a complaint will not jeopardise your right to receive a service.
  • You will not be the object of discrimination on any grounds, such as race, colour, language or religion.  The client will not discriminate on those grounds either - or to contravene other employment legislation provisions.

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